In addition to the Importance of having a beautiful smile, it's even more important to have a healthy mouth meaning. cavity and decay-free, and that is what we are here to do for you! Should you ever get a cavity we are here to provide you with the best and less Invasive options to restore your teeth to their original cavity-free condition.

Restoring Old Restoration:

  • There are many reasons why you might need to change an old restoration. Some of these reasons might include:

    • Wear: Although there are a number of factors that affect the life of dental restoration, the average silver filling, crown, or bridge may last from five to fifteen years depending upon the size. Forces exerted on the restorations by chewing and grinding cause them to wear down. In some cases, even the porcelain and gold in crowns can be worn out from grinding which leads to the need to change the existing restoration.

    • Leakage: Fillings may start to leak around their edges due to wear and trauma. This allows bacteria easy access to the deeper areas of the tooth. Once the bacteria are inside the tooth or crown, these bacteria are hard to get by regular brushing and flossing thus causing decay to grow rapidly. Without frequent dental visits, this form of decay can go unnoticed and there may be no symptoms until the decay reached the nerve. In these cases, early detection can be very important to save major work on the teeth.

    • Recurring Decay: Increased exposure to the elements that caused the original cavity makes it possible to get another cavity in the same tooth near the original filling. If a tooth is not kept clean, decay can start near the edge of the filling or in another site on the tooth. Even if a tooth has a crown covering it, decay can still start at the edge where it rests on the tooth, causing an abscess, which leads to a root canal or extraction.

All of these reasons can cause a need to change old restorations. Thus, Early detection of such decays can save extensive work from being done! As it is our top priority at Dentist at Rock Creek to keep our patients cavity-free, with healthy mouths and beautiful smiles.

Crowns and Bridges:

  • Crown and Bridge treatment will restore lost teeth, support remaining teeth, and help you maintain optimum dental health.

    • If you're faced with tooth loss, crown and bridge treatment may be the right restorative option for you. This long-term solution can help prevent the cycle of problems that can occur when just one tooth is missing, such as shifting of the remaining teeth, decay, periodontal disease, and bone loss.

-What are the benefits of crown and bridge treatment:

  • Restores and maintains the natural bite.

  • Prevents unnatural stress on other teeth.

  • Keeps opposing teeth in their proper place.

  • Prevents shifting and tilting of adjacent teeth.

  • Discourages further dental decay and periodontal disease.

  • Enhances your smile, speech, and chewing function.

We will make every effort to ensure your comfort during crown and bridge treatment. In addition to providing you with your best options to help you preserve as many natural teeth and keep you pain and cavity free.